Greenland Games

Greenland Games

Share Discovery Village are delighted to be hosting the Traditional Greenland Games, following the success of this event over the past few years.

The Games are split up into a day of coaching and a day of competition using traditional Greenland paddles and techniques.

When is the Greenland Games?

Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th September

This event will kick off on Friday evening with a rolling session in the pool. Saturday and Sunday will be a mixture of coaching clinics and fun competition.


Sea Kayak.


If you have a Greenland Paddle bring it, as limited demo’s will be available. Other sea kayaking paddles are also acceptable.

The original Inuit paddlers had other concerns besides just paddling performance – they paddled to hunt, not for recreation. Their unique Greenland paddles are narrow and diamond-shaped in cross-section, and one of their properties was the ability to paddle in almost complete silence.

Rolling was a vital survival skill in icy arctic waters, so a large variety of different rolls were practised, enabling a kayaker to roll up one handed or with the paddle well out of its proper place, even if its owner was injured or tangled with fishing line.

This unique paddling style has spread across the world and for one weekend the Upper Lough Erne backdrop will become home to a range of coaching clinics, demo’s and competitions.

Cost of Greenland Games

£30 per person for the paddling weekend, Friday and Saturday night accommodation and evening meal Saturday.

Last minute entries are more than welcome!

If you can’t make it for the entire weekend please join us for either Saturday or Sunday!

Similar to the Greenland Innuits, all of the above is weather permitting. Except the pool sessions! 🙂

Any queries you have contact

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