Hogwarts Halloween Cruise

Calling all witches and wizards, young and old!

We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered a place to attend a Halloween Cruise with a magical theme. 

You must report to Platform 9 3/4 by 2:30pm on the day of your cruise.

The cruise costs One Galleon and Seven Silver Sickles (£10 in Muggle money) and you must wear your best robe, and be sure to bring your wand.

During the cruise you can expect to be sorted into your house, cast some spells and sample some fascinating foods from our professors, as well as other fun games and crafts.

You must accept your place by Owl, no later than October 22nd. This cruise must be pre-booked, as all witches and wizards must be accounted for.

Dates available: 

Saturday 27th October 11am SOLD OUT

Saturday 27th October 2:30pm SOLD OUT

Sunday 28th October 11am SOLD OUT

Sunday 28th October 2:30pm SOLD OUT

Monday 29th October 11am

Monday 29th October 2:30pm SOLD OUT

Tuesday 30th October 2:30pm SOLD OUT

Each cruise lasts approximately 1.5hrs